Carpooling – Asheville, NC – 2016


For those who are coming to the Tiny House Conference and would like to carpool with others, find a ride, or be more eco-friendly, please use the comment section of this post to connect with others. Feel free to post if you’re willing to drive other attendees or if you are looking to find a ride. Please only post if you are registered for the conference.

A few notes:

  • Tiny House Conference provides this place to connect, but makes no guarantees
  • Riders and drives assume all risk and financial liability
  • Please be smart, please be safe


Comment below to connect with others

2016 Conference

  1. Hi fellow tiny house enthusiests!

    I am hoping to volunteer at the conference (I received confirmation that my application has been reviewed and will be contacted with details) and I am offering my vehicle ( can seat 4 comfortably and five intimately) to the conference to save on fuel and funds. I will be traveling to Asheville from Wilmington, NC. Any interested person can contact me.

    Be well!
    Marie Chonko

    • Hi Marie. I’m still ironing out the details but hoping to fly into Charlotte. Would love to hitch a ride if you still have space available. Please let me know via email.


    • Hi Marie!

      Me, like Susan, will fly into Charlotte, on 31st March in the afternoon. I’m planning to take the tool school so I’m trying to get to Ashville that same day. If that suites your plans I would love to share costs for the drive!

      • HI Laura.
        I just booked my flights into Charlotte arriving March 31st I plan on staying over with a friend then heading to Ashville first thing Friday am in time for Tool school. If this scenario appeals to you, please let me know. It would be nice to have some company for the drive.

        • Hi Susan,

          Thanks for your reply. I’m a little hesitant about leaving Friday morning, I’d rather be in Asheville by Thursday night in order to be in time for the tool school and settling in. If there’s any chance you leave Thursday, I’d love to join!
          My e-mail:

          • Hi Laura. I’m actually visiting a very old friend in Charlotte otherwise I’m with you about settling in first. I’m also attending tool school and would not jeopardize that and plan on leaving with extra time factored in. Either way I hope to see you there.

  2. Hello!

    I will rent a car to come from New York City to Asheville. I will leave on Thursday, March, at around 5pm (I can’t leave earlier and I start the workshop on Friday at 10am). And I will return on Sunday after the workshop.

    It would be great to share rent and driving time!


    • Hi, I live in New York myself. Maybe we can work something out so that I may travel with you to this awesome workshop. Right now, I am in Nebraska, but may go back home after school ends.

    • Hi, Susanne! If you’re passing through Phila., and either have room, or who I could follow in my own car, drop me a note.


      – Jane

      • Hey Jane.
        I’m coming from VT. Have you found anyone to carpool with yet? Do you need to be there by Friday morning? I was planning on being there by Friday evening… I could pick you up and we could even stay together possibly to help cut costs?

    • I live in the York PA area just 1/2 mile off of 83. I was gonna rent a car from here. But I would be game to share with someone too. Let me know if you are interested. I have not made arrangements for sleeping yet.

      Maria Jones

      • I live in Pittsburgh PA and would love to share costs and ride with you if you are interested. I also haven’t found a place to stay yet.
        Ariel Morris

        • Hey I’m also from Pittsburgh and considering driving down.

    • Sharon,
      I have an Apartment in Forest Hills, and in Asheville. If I can be of any assistance in recommendations about your stay in Asheville, let me know.

      I am hoping the car pool contact board and the organizers may have a contact board , for folks , hoping to attend as others cancel. I boggled my registration to the event, as I was out of the country when I made my reservation , and have the tiny-realization I sadly may not be able to attend.

      Peace, Buck

  3. Since moving from IL to NC at the end of June, I’ll have a short jaunt from Whittier to Asheville & if anyone’s in the area, feel free to connect to ride share.

    • I plan to go from Champaign, IL. Would you be leaving from IL?

      • No, mentioned above, I moved FROM IL & now live in NC.

      • Jan, I am from Dixon and considering going. What are your plans?

  4. Who would like to carpool or caravan from Marietta, GA?

    • Hi, are you still going? I’m traveling from McDonough GA but don’t have a car to get up there. Would you like to car pool?

      • Hi, Jazz.

        You are welcome to ride with me if you can get a ride to Marietta. I’ll be leaving on Friday.

  5. Hi all, I’m interested in carpooling with someone. I will be staying at an amazing AirBnB about 2 miles from the event and would love to explore the area with others. I know there’s fantastic opportunities for hikes, and I’m down with whatever touristy stuff others want to do. I’ve been to Asheville once before for a brief visit and love the downtown and mountains.

    • Hi Sean!

      I’m staying at a hostel about 2 miles away as well, and would love to carpool/share über or something around town. I’ll be downtown in the central business district. Let me know if this sounds workable to you (

      • Hi Kara,
        I saw your REPLY to Sean and the Post Script enclosed below is to you both :

        PS : Kara, logistically are you at the hostel in West Asheville ? ( with the Pink Dinosaur in back ? ) or perhaps the one downtown ? In any event , as Shawn see’s fit to coordinate both Sharkeys & Sweet P’s are between 5 and 15 minutes drive time from my house and also the event venue. Peace.

    • Hi Sean ( and Kara ) ,

      I live in Asheville and have an apartment and a car. My apartment is near the Trader Joes on Marrimon Ave , so 2 miles out of town is easy.

      I’d be happy to host as a carpool driver , and have good trail maps , as well as knowledge of music and local food & drink.

      Keep me in the loop , .. as your community of Tiny Houser’s gather if I can be of assistance to this Merry Band. Cheers. Buck Allen

      PS : Kara, logistically are you at the hostel in West Asheville ? ( with the Pink Dinosaur in back ? ) or perhaps the one downtown ? In any event , as Shawn see’s fit to coordinate both Sharkeys & Sweet P’s are between 5 and 15 minutes drive time from my house and also the event venue. Peace.

  6. Hello,
    I will be traveling from VT late on Thursday,leaving around midnight. I’ll be going through albany, and my planned route includes 87, 78, and 81. Anybody interested in getting picked up and possibly staying together in Asheville (was planning on renting a cabin/house through airbnb or vacationrentals). Would prefer a female.
    Let me know!

    • Hi Andrea,

      I live in Gaithersburg, MD, not too far from 81. If you have room, can I catch a ride? I could meet you at the McDonald’s in Hagerstown. Hagerstown is on 81, just south of Interstate 70. The exit ramp dumps you at the McDonald’s and we could jump back on.

      Hagerstown is about 45 minutes from Gaithersburg. if you’re goint to rent a cottage, that would be perfect. Let me know if this will work for you.


    • Not traveling your way but looking for room at the inn. I’ll only need Saturday night probably. Please contact me.

  7. hello everyone,

    I plan to book a room at the conference location and looking for someone to split the cost. The room comes with 2 double beds that I certainly do not need.

    Anyone need a place to stay? I plan to book for Friday April 1- Sunday April 3.


  8. Looking for a ride from Phila, Pa I do not drive ( due to Illness) and would love to share a rental for the event keep the trip cost low! of course will share gas and rental, looking for a Female.

    • Michele-
      Email me:

      I’ll be coming from VT and would love company. I want to rent a cottage/cabin through vacationrentals or airbnb (about $100 per night).

      Anyway, email me.

    • I will be driving down from NJ, but would like to stay there more than a week..

  9. I’ll be driving down from Toronto over 2 days and plan to head back north a few days after the conference via Washington, DC. I’ll be happy to have company for the whole trip or to pick up one or two female passengers or drop them off en route. (Shared costs for gas and enroute accommodation will be appreciated, of course!)


    • Hi Barb,

      I’m a female (in case it’s not obvious from my name) going from Ottawa to Asheville. I would be very grateful to share costs and carpool with you!

      • Hi Munira,
        Great! I was hoping to leave at least two days before the conference from Toronto, space out the driving to about 6 hours a day and have a bit of time to find a motel…but now, with the Canadian dollar sinking like a stone, maybe I’ll be better off trying to book Airbnb rooms ahead of time. Do you have accommodations in Asheville yet? (By the way, I’m a 66-year-old writer and editor.)

        • Hi Barb!

          I’m 30 and a junior architect. I don’t have accommodations yet but I was hoping to camp at least for a couple of nights. I think Airbnb is a good option too. If you like, we can coordinate further by email; you can reach me at munira.karimjee(at)gmail(dot)com.

        • Hi Barb,

          I hope to hear from you soon. However, if not, I’m probably going to start making alternate arrangements soon.

        • Hi Barb, I live in Niagara and am interested in sharing the drive with someone. Just wondering if you are still looking for someone to drive with? I was planning on staying at the hotel for the conference.

    • Great!!!
      Let me know if you are seeking a ride and roommate.
      I start seeking someone to share costs and experience. I am in NJ – on the way to NC for you!


  10. Hi. I have reserved a room at the hotel starting on Thursday through Sunday. The room has two queen beds. If anyone would like to share the costs of the room, that would be great. I only ask that the person be a non-smoker. Thanks, Stan

    • Looking for room at the inn. I’ll only need Saturday night probably. Please contact me.

  11. Howdy folks, share a ride with a honest-to-god Alaskan (born and raised!) My tiny house in Alaska is about 60% complete. 1-2 Seats available in my rental car driving from Charlotte to Asheville on Friday (the 1st) leaving late-morning/lunch-ish time (flexible). I will be staying in a Charlotte hotel the night before, so could grab you on the way out of town if need be.

    Sorry, but I have some respiratory issues, so I won’t be able to offer a ride to any smokers, perfume-wearers, or anyone who wears noticeably scented lotions/hair products, etc.

    Please note: my return from Asheville to Charlotte is *not* yet planned, but will most likely be on Tuesday the 5th. If you’re interested in a ride for a few bucks in gas money contribution (as you are able), Feel free to email me at lookwithlori (at) g m a i l (dot) com.

    [Please don’t contact me on this board, I’m not likely to check it} – Lori

  12. Hello tiny house fellows!
    I am brand new to this community and this will be my first conference. Super excited!!!
    I will be driving from NJ and try to get there 3-4 days before to explore Asheville NC.
    Would be great to share a trip – can share ride (i have a hybrid two seater) and a lodge – try to get into The Village of Wildflower.

    you can find me Facebook under makiko fliss. or my website

    hope to get to know many of you there!!!!


  13. Hello,
    I am a non-smoker female and seeking someone to share a room to split the cost.
    Hope to find someone to share costs and experience.

    much love,

    609-495-4229 (text)

    • Makiko,

      If you haven’t found anyone yet, I’d like to share a room and split the costs with you. I am also a non-smoking female. I will send you an email as well.


    • Looking for room at the inn. I’ll only need Saturday night probably. Please contact me.

  14. Hello

    I’m interested in drive sharing to Asheville from Providence, Rhode Island and possibly sharing a room while at the conference. Non smoker

    Any interests? Please contact.

  15. Hey, I’m flying in from Australia for the conference. I arrive at Asheville airport at 10pm on Thurdsay night so if anyone is up that late and can give me a ride to the Crowne Plaza it would be much appreciated?

  16. Hi folks!

    I’m driving from Wilmington NC to the conference Friday morning to arrive around 3 or 4 that afternoon. Anyone want to ride share with me or I ride share with them? I also booked a double room, so if there is anyone who wants to save a few bucks and share or hasn’t yet booked a room at the discounted rate, please let me know!

    See y’all there!


  17. Will be leaving Durham, NC between 9:00 – 10:00 on Friday morning, stopping in Black Mountain for a late lunch, arriving at the Crowne Plaza around 3:00-4:00. Will head back to Durham on Sunday immediately after the conference is over so as not to get home too late. Happy to carpool if anyone needs a ride from the RTP area.

    • hi Lisa,

      would you consider ride sharing? I am in Wilmington NC. I also have a double room booked. If you have not booked or are willing to share, maybe we can arrange something?

      please respond to


  18. Hi Everyone,
    I am driving from Clemson,SC Thursday night to Asheville. If anyone would like to share the drive, I am happy to oblige. I will be leaving my home in Clemson around 5 pm and heading for Crowne Plaza. Give me a holla, if you’re interested.

    • Is Clemson anywhere near the Greenville-Spartanburg airport? I am looking for a ride from there. It seems flights to Greenville are cheaper than to the Asheville airport.

      • Sorry, I also just realized that you said Thursday. I was planning to fly out on Friday.

    • Hi Lyn!

      I will be leaving heading to Asheville from Greenville on Thursday night. If there is still a spot in your vehicle, I would love to go with you.

      What is the best way to reach you?


  19. Driving from Louisville KY late Friday night. Can seat 3 people easily. Contact me if you need a ride, and we’ll divvy up the cost fairly.

  20. Hello!

    Is there anyone else in Minnesota, or possibly Wisconsin, looking to get to the conference?
    I am considering driving there, but could really use a road trip buddy to share driving time and gas expenses. I would be leaving from the twin cities area early Thursday morning, and hope to camp out somewhere in my pickup during the conference.

  21. Hi! I’m coming in from Iowa Thursday evening and planning on leaving Sunday. If anyone has a room they would like to share I would appreciate it! I’m female and a non-smoker.
    Thank you

  22. Is anyone traveling from the hotel to Tool School on Friday? If so, I would be interested in hitching a ride for the price of gas or sharing the price of a cab/Uber.
    Thank you

    • Hi!

      I would be interested in sharing a uber with you Lynnne.

      What is the best way to reach you?

      • Youssef
        I posted on the TH FB page as well and have found another person who is also in our situation. Why don’t we all plan on meeting in the lobby of the hotel at 9 am on Friday? A local attendant said AB Tech is close and an Uber ride should only run $6 – 9.
        See you then!

        • Hi Lynne!

          I am staying at Sweet Peas Hostel, located at 23 Rankin Avenue. It is on the way to AB Tech.

          Is it possible to pick me up there?

          I will be ready at 9am, waiting at the front entrance.


  23. Youseff
    Haven’t met the other Tool School attendee yet but the (tentative) plan here is to get Uber from the conference hotel at 9 am tomorrow. I see you are on the way, so we can make a side trip and pick you up en route ~ 9:10ish?

    • Perfect!

      See you tomorrow morning at 9:10am

      My number is 1(506)999-6060

      If you need to reach me.

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