Introducing Asheville SHAC

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Today we’re introducing another organization that will have a booth at the Tiny House Conference: Asheville SHAC. This organization works to advocate for the acceptance of affordable housing, including tiny houses, within the Asheville area. Check out their website for more info.

“Asheville SHAC is a group of dedicated volunteers working together and with the city to make micro homes a viable solution for affordable housing, urban density, and walkability of Asheville within the city limits.

Welcome, Asheville SHAC!

  1. i have been studying shipping containers. do you have any information on this subject

  2. I am a campground owner interested in using it solely for tinyhones built from containers or in wheels. If anyone would be interested in placing their own tiny hone in my secluded beautiful natural settings campground please feel free to contact me. (828)678-0083

    • I’m new to this but looking forward to it. Taking it slow. Where is your property located, what state.

  3. Would you know any tiny home builders in the Portland, Oregon area?

  4. I would love to attend the THC; however, it would be a long drive. I am in Central Florida (well, not as long as it may be for others :).) Has this organization branched out at all? Say … in Florida? 🙂

  5. Hello,

    I’m very interested in upsizing a Tiny House in preparation for my upcoming retirement in a few years. So, I’d really like to attend a Tiny House conference on the West coast. I’m certain there may be many people interested in attending one on the West Cosdt as well, Please let me know if there will be one in 2017 on the West Coast. Thank you very much.

  6. I too own land that would be perfect for a tiny house community. It’s in Plum Branch, SC.. 19 acers 20 septic systems, county supplied water.The place is currently vacant, zoned ” Mobile Home Park “.I wanted to put an RV park there but I got too old. I’d be happy to talk to anybody 864-941-6776 Google Earth the place @ 706 Fishing Village Rd.. also check out Lake Thurmond.

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