Introducing Hummingbird Housing



Today we’d like to welcome another headliner sponsor to the 2016 Tiny House Conference: Hummingbird Housing! Based in Georgia, Hummingbird offers custom tiny house design and building options for folks looking to live the tiny life. They will also be bringing two tiny homes for attendees to tour! Check out their website here.

“Let Hummingbird TINY Housing LLC in Danville, Georgia, be your first choice for tiny home construction. Using 30 years of experience, we build one-of-a-kind tiny mobile houses that feature everything from wood floors to retractable porches. Weighing at 7,500 pounds, our unique tiny homes are the perfect way for you to get the style of home you want without breaking the bank. Come visit our 8’5″ x 22′ x 13’2″ model tiny home today to see what we can do for you.”

Welcome, Hummingbird Housing!

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Tool School Hands-On Training

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