Introducing The Tiny House Teacher



Today we’re introducing another sponsor for the 2016 Tiny House Conference: The Tiny House Teacher. If you want to live the tiny life but aren’t sure where to start, Lora Higgins will be your guide. She offers advice through her blog, her books, and her consultancy work. You’ll also get to see her tiny house in person at the conference this year! Check out her website here.

“If you have ever wondered if tiny living is right for you or what day-to-day life in a tiny house looks like, you are not alone! Lora launched The Tiny House Teacher in 2015 to help educate and train others about intentional living, downsizing and tiny houses. Lora downsized to her tiny house a little over a year ago and loves sharing her tiny house journey with others. This year she is excited to host a session at the Tiny House Conference all about downsizing your lifestyle and your stuff!”

Welcome back, Tiny House Teacher!

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Tool School Hands-On Training

The Tiny House Conference will be featuring Tool School. Get hands-on training with all the major power tools in a safe environment, guided by expert builders. Click Here to Learn More

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