Tiny House Masterminds

Tiny House Masterminds is a free add-on program for the Tiny House Conference that you may elect to join. The Mastermind group is a small group of conference attendees who are matched up the week before the conference via an online group. Each member will receive a worksheet that will let them sketch their floor plan and write down other design ideas to bring with them to the conference. Each person will have a chance to meet in groups during the lunch hours on both days. People will share ideas, resources, connections and offer support where they can. At the close of the conference, people may elect to continue on with their groups online to keep their connections alive.

We will do our best to match people who are geographically close to each other and/or are in similar stages of their build (6+ months away from building, building within 6 months, currently building, or already finished). This is a bonus for the conference and while we will do our best to match people, it’s up to each person to be engaged with their group to make the Mastermind a success; we are merely the matchmaker.

Once you have signed up for Tiny House Masterminds, we will contact you closer to the event to send your online group invitation. Then you can get started making new tiny house connections!

Signup for Tiny House Masterminds for the 2016 Tiny House Conference is now closed. See you at the conference!

Tool School Hands-On Training

The Tiny House Conference will be featuring Tool School. Get hands-on training with all the major power tools in a safe environment, guided by expert builders. Click Here to Learn More

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