We have gathered the top speakers on tiny houses in the country! Most of our speakers have personally built a tiny home and live in one. Don’t miss out on learning from the experts!



Key to Speaker Icons:

Tiny House Owner – This icon signifies that the speaker actually lives in a tiny house full time and can share first hand experiences with you about their life.
Built a Tiny House – This icon signifies that the speaker has built at least one tiny house personally, in many cases multiple tiny houses. This person has first-hand knowledge on tiny houses are designed anchored, framed, insulated, wired, plumbed etc.
Beginner – Our conference is geared towards beginners, people who may have never built anything in their lives, who may have never picked up a hammer before. Sessions with this icon focus on the basics, assume that you are totally new or know just a little. No question, no matter how simple it seems, is discouraged in this session.
Advanced – While our conference is geared towards beginners, we will go more in depth on some topics. Sessions with this icon will assume that the topics covered in the beginner sessions is known. It should be noted that professional builders, contractors, people who have built things before will find this information very basic, again, we gear our event to the total beginner.
Inspirational – Sessions with this icon will strike a balance between information and motivation. These sessions will try to inform people on some non-technical issues: lifestyle, the journey, personal stories, etc. People who are looking for hard details in every session may consider other sessions.
Lifestyle – Sessions with this icon will focus on the life of living tiny. It will talk more broadly about tiny houses in the context of living in them, building a life, and lifestyle design. There is a more philosophical approach in these sessions.

Tool School Hands-On Training

The Tiny House Conference will be featuring Tool School. Get hands-on training with all the major power tools in a safe environment, guided by expert builders. Click Here to Learn More

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