Who should come to the Tiny House Conference?

Who the Tiny House Conference is for:

The Tiny House Conference is designed for those who are interested tiny houses, building them and living in them. Our sessions are design to educate and motivate people. Our technical sessions are designed for those who have little to no building experience, even our advanced sessions. We bring a mix of details, information and motivational talks. Each session has icons to help you determine which sessions are best for you. You can learn more about these icons HERE.

Who the Tiny House Conference might not be right for:

The tiny house conference is firmly oriented to the first time builder or entry level tiny house person. Those who are professional builders, General Contractors, Framers, or similar will find that the content in the sessions will be basic relative to their knowledge and skill level. Some individuals who are handy and have done extensive research may find that their mileage may vary on the technical aspects. We do have sessions that are more motivational or inspirational, which may appeal to these groups, but we want to manage the expectations of professional builders or advanced knowledge individuals, this event most likely is not for you. If you have questions, please reach out prior to registration via the CONTACT page.

For those who own a business, building company, or other service/product:

General registration on tickets is for a non-commercial general attendee admittance. Under a general ticket, you are not able to solicit business for products or services, you may not hand out marketing materials or business cards. If you are interested in connecting with attendees in this way, please sign up to be a sponsor. Those who do these actives with a general ticket will be asked to leave with no refund. Please see our legal page for more details HERE.

Tool School Hands-On Training

The Tiny House Conference will be featuring Tool School. Get hands-on training with all the major power tools in a safe environment, guided by expert builders. Click Here to Learn More

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